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Fusion Professionals announces Partnership with Waterline Data

Updated: May 30, 2019

Fusion Professionals has signed a partnership agreement with Waterline Data ( ) the leading provider of Information Catalogs and Data Governance Tools.

“Managing the huge data volumes in modern Analytics platforms and Data Lakes is impossible without a well developed tool that allows data stewards to discover and profile data. I see a great risk that a lack of Data Governance will turn Data Lakes into Swamps and will be a costly exercise for organisations,” says Achim Drescher, Big Data and Analytics Practice Lead at Fusion Professionals.

Waterline products play a key role in Fusion Professionals’ Big Data Reference architecture. The product crawls a large variety of data sources across the organisation, profiles the data and provides a well defined Data Governance process. Data Stewards are provided with tag based connections between entities and attributes within the data pool.

This not only provides a good security framework, but is also essential when it comes to meeting the stringent privacy requirements of the GDPR and future regulations.

Waterline provides a profiling tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to build a model of the data. Feedback and acceptance from the Data Stewards is used for supervised learning of the tool that over time reduces the effort required to maintain the model.

“Any organisation that is serious about building a functioning Data Lake must invest in Data Governance today or likely will face a serious problem a few years down the track”.     

Fusion Professionals’ expertise in Enterprise-Grade data management is a skill that has been honed on large and complex data management projects deploying hundreds of databases, over entire enterprises. The partnership between Fusion Professionals and Waterline Data will allow us to continue to drive Best in Class large scale Data Management and Big Data Analytics solutions for the foreseeable future.

Consult with Fusion Professional to discover how to employ the best practices for your enterprises Big Data and Data Lake requirements.

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