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AWS Summit 2018 News Article

Updated: May 30, 2019

Another 12 months passes and the AWS Summit rolls into town, now hosted at the new impressive Sydney ICC!   So what was the biggest message delivered in this years keynote?

“Harnessing Artificial Intelligence will be as important as humans harnessing fire and electricity”, this is according to Daniel Petre, Co-Founder of AirTree Ventures.  A sentiment that is being embraced by China and France, with both countries investing Billions on AI, and with the likes of Google and Microsoft now describing themselves as AI Companies.  Closer to home there are also innovations in Medical Imaging and melanoma detection which are leveraging AI-assisted 3D teledermoscopy.

AI of course is not a new concept but with the advancement of cloud computing it feels like now is the time that AI can become a prominent underlying feature of business services.  In true AWS fashion there were some confident statements, particularly around database services and modern data architecture which form the foundations for successful Machine learning and AI.  In short Machine learning is now made possible by the scale that the cloud provides, “it has never been easier or cheaper to store data”, resulting in the concept of infinite data.  Leveraging this raw data, AWS is offering tools like AWS GlueS3 Select and Glacier Select in order to create and query Data Lakes ready for Analytics via the native offering Quicksight.

Where the machine learning element comes in is entirely up to you, but “the more data you have the better!”  AWS Sagemaker is the Machine Learning Tool created to connect to your training data and produce the best algorithm and framework for your application. It connects directly to data in S3 and comes with 12 most common machine learning algorithms.  Of course with all this data comes the need for appropriate data management, ranging from the correct choice of Database per use case to designing automated ingestion for new data.

So if your Data Architecture is in need of some modernisation in order to be AI ready, Fusion Professionals are here to help!

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