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How to Embrace Solution Architecture Developments in Your Organisation

Updated: May 30, 2019

Most people do not like change. As much as possible, they want things to stay the same that is why, for them, any disruption from the usual routine is frowned upon and not welcomed at all. This is especially prevalent when it comes to enterprise solution architecture.

In any company, solution architecture transformation initiatives carried out by the management are typically designed to streamline processes, improve productivity, bring down costs, and provide a more stable support to employees. These actions usually include automating data input and analysis through the use of data management software; providing access to information through cloud platforms, thereby enabling mobility and eliminating the restraints of location; and redesigning the IT structure and technical processes in order to promote efficiency. If you find yourself confronted by any of these overwhelming organisational developments, here is what you can do.

  1. Do not panic. Recognise that change has come and you need make employees learn to use new systems and software in order to make their work simpler and faster. You can start by sending out emails and speaking to each department about the data management upgrade you’ve recently launched or the new robotics that’s about to replace a few of your mechanical processes. Invest in training sessions where employees can have a hands-on feel on the latest technologies. Doing so will help team members accept this change right away and improve productivity in their workspaces.

  2. Be open to communication. Employees who are still learning a new process will always have questions. Maintain your eagerness to help out and express your willingness to mentor. This way, workers will exhibit their innovative spirit and be more open to embracing the digital transformation. Keep in mind that each one’s learning curves differ so patience is key in this area.

  3. Always have a contingency plan. Remember that in taking risks and introducing new IT processes in the business, some mishaps can happen. Keep all your alternative courses of action in hand and be on the lookout for any oversight. This way you can resolve any issues right away before they get worse and impact your organisation in a negative manner.

In today’s business environment, keeping up with technological advancements is essential in order to stay relevant in the industry. Not only that;  artificial intelligence and machine learning help boost profitability, productivity, and agility in one’s organisation. That is why you should not shun away change. Keep in mind that only through adaptation and learning can organisations continue to drive value and success in the future.

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