• michaelthould

Fusion Professionals Dataiku Partnership Announcement

Fusion Professionals has signed a partnership agreement with Dataiku, one of the world’s leading machine learning platforms that moves companies along their data journey from analytics at scale to Enterprise AI. Dataiku was recently named a challenger in The Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms.

Dataiku provides the scalable path to Enterprise AI through being:

Inclusive: One simple UI for data wrangling, mining, visualization, machine learning, and deployment based on a collaborative and team-based user interface accessible to anyone on a data team, from data scientist to beginner analyst.

Operationalized: Ensuring that models make it out of the sandbox and into production with a range of capabilities, from model management and monitoring to seamless one-click deployment and more.

Transparent: As today’s discussions surrounding AI shift, Dataiku provides the infrastructure and framework that allow machine learning to become more transparent, interpretable, and ethical, instilling trust in the work of data teams.

Hundreds of business’ use Dataiku on a daily basis to build, deploy, and monitor predictive data flows to solve problems like fraud, churn, supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, and much, much more.


Fusion Professionals’ expertise in Enterprise-Grade data analytics solution architecture, deployment and management has been developed and refined through our experience. We have deployed world class solutions for dozens of large Australian based enterprises involving hundreds of databases including complex, sensitive and mission critical projects and applications. The partnership between Fusion Professionals and Dataiku will allow us to continue to drive Best in Class Enterprise solutions for Analytics, Machine Learning and AI that scale for the foreseeable future.

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