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Case Study: Australian company that specializes in an intelligent mobile application-based lending

Updated: May 30, 2019


The intelligent mobile app-based lending system is a new field, blending recent technical developments in mobile phones and Artificial Intelligence, allowing for convenient financial loans. However, the challenge for a mobile app product is, that it had to be designed to work with most Loan Management Systems using diverse business requirements that are governed by a variety of different business rules.

Due to the sensitivity of the financial industry and the associated high levels of industry regulation, the constraints were mostly around the integration, design and compliance to the Loan Management System business rules. To do this we had to create an integration platform that would communicate between the different Loan Management Systems and the mobile app server. The business rules had to be integrated to the platform to meet customer’s business and governance requirements.

A crucial project requirement was the quality of the solution design and the associated application code. The security requirements mandated by the financial services industry meant the code needed to be precise, legible and transparent around each function and step execution something that Fusion Professionals are experts at.


As part of implementation design and development, the understanding of business requirements and rules was considered crucial in designing the platform. The requirements were segregated into two parts i) Mobile App Product ii) Loan Vendor rules. While designing the integration platform we segregated them in such a way that the loan vendor rules would not affect deployment of the products and these rules were pushed to the fringe of the connectors such that the product remains extensible and easily deployable but at the same time compliant.

For development of the platform JavaEE, Spring Boot, Docker, RESTful API’s and Mockery were chosen. An emphasis was given to the intensive testing and test-driven development, to achieve this a use case based testing methodology was developed and implemented. Also, peer reviewed coding was given emphasis to ensure code quality and transparency.  


Fusion Professionals provided technical leadership to make this project a successful implementation. Our staff provided Solution Architecture, Development Management, established development processes and standards as well as implemented large parts of the deployment framework.


We were able to design and develop an independent platform that allowed the product to be extensible and reused across multiple platforms that deliver business rule integrity.

  1. Platform can handle large amount of transactions

  2. Error or Unexpected behaviour handling

  3. Business Rule integrity maintenance

  4. Code Quality

  5. Extensible Product


The delivered solution was able to help our customer gain confidence in the product and solve many developmental issues. It allowed for an extensible product, intelligently designed to provide transparency, high governance standards and product flexibility.

To find out more about this implementation or to discover how to develop and deploy similar high-quality applications speak to the Fusion Professionals team.

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