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Workshop: Saving costs with an actionable and adaptable data strategy

There is no time like the present to ensure you have a clear vision for your data in the new year.

Depending on where you are on your analytics journey, the goal should be to go from answering "What happened?" to "How can we make it happen?"

To help you along your way, Fusion Professionals is offering a complimentary data strategy workshop with one of our leaders that will answer: 

  • What is it that I want to solve?

  • What data do I need to answer my questions?

  • What software and hardware do I need? Are there any gaps?

  • How do I go about in analysing my data?

  • How will I share the insights? Who needs access?

  • What regulatory requirements do I need to ensure data remains secure and there is one single source of truth?


Radomir Vranesevic

COO, Founder & IT Architect


Paul Cowle

CEO & IT Architect


Michael Thould

Data Integration Solutions Delivery Lead

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