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Platform Assessments

Health Checks, Process Overview

Database Modernisation

Engineered Platforms, Clustering, Replication

Database Platform Implementations

On Premise, Cloud, Hybrid

Database Migrations

Low impact, data safe

Upgrades and Patching

Latest versions and security patches

Whether its Oracle, Microsoft or Amazon we are experts in four phases:

1. Plan

Fusion Professionals helps you overcome the challenges you face managing databases that keep your critical business applications running. We identify your current issues and risks and work collaboratively with you to develop a roadmap that will take your organisation from current state to your desired state. We translate database roadmap to architecture, design and planning artefacts that deliver the best business results.

2. Build

Fusion Professionals has rich experience in building modern database platforms based on technologies from Oracle, Microsoft, AWS and Open Source. In particular we have successfully built and integrated numerous Database as a Service (DBaaS) solutions for our customers. By leveraging the collaboration with Fusion Professionals you’ll get a robust and rapid solution delivery to maximise the return on your investment. Reduce implementation risk by leveraging our proven build methodology and years of experience.

3. Migrate

Fusion Professionals has a long successful history of migrating 1000’s of databases over multiple customers.  We enable you to efficiently and accurately migrate data between databases and platforms with the best methodologies and most appropriate procedures to suit you. We ensure that your new databases platform will provide better service for your critical business applications.

4. Run

With our database management service, our expert team ensures that your systems keep running 24x7x365. As specialists across all types of databases and infrastructures, we can help fill your gaps in-house, be an extension of your team or provide fully managed service. The result is a more stable, consistent environment that is available and protected over the long term.

Technology Roadmap


Let us assess where you currently are and where you wish to be and formulate the best pathway to reach that destination.​

Platform Assessment


We provide:

  • Database Platform Review

  • Operational Management Process Review

  • Ecosystem Review

Platform Architecture and Design

Redesign your system to simplify, streamline and maximise on the advantages a new solution can deliver.

Security Assessment & Design

Security has never been so important with the widely accepted uptake in cloud storage options.  Whether it is the protection of vital master data or aging historic data, our experience in encryption, data masking and least privilege philosophy will allow you to sleep easier at night.

Sizing and Capacity Planning


Ensure your platforms are sized correctly and have capacity for growth. Furthermore know when to start considering adding to your capacity so that you anticipate future needs.​


Consolidation opportunity assessment and recommendation at Server, Database or Schema level.

Backup & Recovery

Let us modernise your backup solution and optimise the speed, management and cost of your backups.

Upgrades & Patching

Let us take the pain out of upgrading and patching your databases and Exadata stacks with our invaluable years of hands on experience.

Performance Tuning

Professionals has rich experience in database performance tuning and regularly achieves magnitudes of improvements at query, database and storage levels.

Oracle Engineered Systems

  • Exadata​


  • Super Cluster

  • Exalogic

Open Source Databases

  • MySQL

  • MongoDB

  • MariaDB

  • PostgreSQL

Microsoft SQL Server

  • On Premise SQL Server Clusters

  • SQL Server on Azure

Integration Services

  • Monitoring, Management & Reporting​

  • Backup & Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Benchmark Performance Testing

Migration Analysis

We review current Versions, existing sizings and uptime requirements.​

Migration Plan & Procedure

We produce the plan and a recommended procedure for each database, taking into careful consideration the source and target systems.

Migration Execution

We reliably and accurately migrate your data to your chosen platform  and perform verification testing of the process to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Incident and Problem Management

We manage problems by identifying and eliminating recurring issues and minimizing impact.  We detect, analyse and correct incidents that may cause service disruption with an emphasis on incident prevention.


We can help you deploy best practice monitoring and become a proactive operation which can identify issues before they start to impact the business.


Server and Database Support covering the whole stack to ensure your database runs to its best ability.

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