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Big Data & Analytics

Data Architecture

Data Architecture Design


Review and Planning

Data Pipeline Development

Data Preparation, ETL

Operational Integration 

Deployment and Integration

Managed Services

Keep your databse systems running 24x7x365

Big Data Platform Implementation

On Premise, Cloud, Hybrid

We are the Big Data experts in three phases:


1. Plan

Big Data and Analytics is changing rapidly making it difficult for companies to move to the new technology stacks. Fusion Professionals helps you to define and implement a strategy that allows you to migrate to Data Lake and Big Data processing models. We believe the key foundation to make this move successful is a solid Data Governance framework and a well architected tool, data and security landscape that meets today’s and future requirements.


2. Build

New technology stacks in analytics require a diverse skill set across multiple technologies. Fusion Professional has the expertise to help our clients to establish and implement a new platform that not only enables Data Scientists to develop new models and insights, but directly integrates the results with business systems and the wider business community.


3. Run

Running modern Analytics platforms that are tightly integrated into mission critical business systems requires different skill sets that not all traditional BI teams have. To support Data Scientists and running the overall environment let our Devops Data Engineers help to keep the environment up and support the Data Scientists in their daily work.

Analytics Strategy

  • Strategy Review and Alignment

  • Strategy Implementation

Data Governance

  • Organisational Review

  • Data Governance Framework Design

  • Governance/Technology Integration

Data Architecture

  • Data Architecture Review / Gap

  • Data Architecture Design

  • Data Architecture Maintenance

Data Planning

  • Meta Data Management

  • Data Modelling

  • Data Platform Planning

Privacy / Security

  • Privacy / Security Review & Gap

  • Security planning

Project Management

  • Prince

  • Agile

Big Data Platform Implementation

  • Realtime Business Insight platform

  • Data Lakes

  • Analytics platforms such as:

  • Spark

  • Hadoop Eco System

Data Pipeline Development

  • ETL

  • Optimisation

  • Implementation

  • Data Preparation/sandboxes


  • Analytics

  • Data Science Modeling

  • Model Productionisation

  • AI/ML

Data Integration / Servicing

  • API Gateway Rollout

  • Information Catalogue implementation

  • Waterline

  • Atlas

  • OTP / Visualisation / Reporting

Operational Integration

  • Cloud Deployment

  • Cloud Migration

  • Log integration

  • Implementation of Operational Controls

Analytics Support

  • Skills in traditional Datawarehousing

  • Reporting / Dashboards

Managed Services

- Running and Support of Big Data platforms such as:

  • Hadoop

  • Spark

- Running & Support of Info Catalogues

  • Waterline

  • Atlas

- Running productionised AI Models

- Devops

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