Fusion Professionals is a dynamic IT solutions company based in Sydney, Australia.

Fusion Professionals was founded in 2000 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking consulting agency in North Sydney. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

Though we’ve grown since our founding, we’re still the same agency at heart. Let us help make your dreams a reality. Are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success? Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

About Us


Transforming all our customers into modern data-driven organisations using the best technology solutions.


Driving the Best Enterprise Data Solutions.


We work with you to understand your requirements and fuse our world class experience to deliver the best enterprise data solutions.



Act With Intergrity and Show Respect

  • Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics

  • Show respect for and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas

  • We recognise every interaction as an opportunity to improve ourselves and pass on our knowledge

  • Assume positive intent


Have the Humility and Hunger to Learn

  • Value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere

  • Listen to others for understanding

  • Seek and provide honest feedback

  • Be open to personal change and continuous improvement

  • Learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure

  • Never underestimate our competition


Passionate About Our Business

  • Show pride in our brands and heritage

  • Delight our consumers and serve our customers through the high quality of our services

  • Promote a positive, energizing, optimistic and fun environment

  • Promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions

  • Value, promote and fiercely protect our reputation


Strive for Growth

  • “Have a go” embrace challenges

  • If you are not growing you will become irrelevant

  • Persist in face of setbacks

  • Try new things outside your comfort zone

  • Seek to continually try new things, value the process over the end result

  • Learn from the experience, “sometimes we win, sometimes we learn”

  • Share you experience and encourage others to grow and learn

  • View challenges as opportunities



  • Take personal accountability for our actions and results

  • Focus on finding solutions and achieving results

  • Actively engage in discussions and commit to decisions once they are made

  • Involve others in decisions and plans that affect them

  • Keep promises and commitments made to others

  • Personally commit to the success and well-being of teammates


Love Results

  • Achieve results and celebrate when we do

  • Help people to be their best by providing coaching and feedback

  • Work with others as a team to accomplish results and win

  • Have a “can do” (positive) attitude and drive to get the job done

  • Make people feel valued and appreciated

  • Make the tough calls