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Transforming all our customers into modern data-driven organisations using the best technology solutions

What We Do

Fusion Professionals is an Australian Technology solutions provider, focused on helping customers to solve their data problems.

We specialise in modern data platforms, enabling customers to extract value from their data and gain a competitive edge.

Whether you are in your own data centre or on the path to the cloud we help customers with their technological journey and pride ourselves in establishing long lasting successful relationships.


Expert Database Management can be invaluable and can have a direct impact on capacity, performance, compliance and costings. 

Others believe in a one size fits all approach, but we at Fusion Professionals know that Database Management can be a fine art, especially when it comes to getting the best performance, stability and economics from your databases. ​​


Exadata, RDBMS, RAC, Dataguard, ZDLRA


SQL Server: on premise or Azure


DynamoDB, Aurora, DB on EC2

Open Source

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra

As a key component of Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses provide a specific use case for certain business processes that can enable insightful reporting and data analysis. 


Let Fusion Professionals guide you through the world of on-premise (SQL Data Warehouse, Exadata, Vertica) and cloud based (Snowflake, Redshift) solutions and provide the best solution for your enterprise.


At the enterprise-level, data integration and design is everything – there are literally hundreds of factors to consider when setting up your data integration strategy.

Fusion Professionals has built a reputation amongst some of Australia’s top blue-chip brands for our ability to engineer data solutions that are agile and instantly scalable, all while catering to the idiosyncrasies of each organisation’s Enterprise-Grade requirements.

At the core of every enterprise is data.


Whether it be sales data, financial data, scheduling data, product data or any other form, organisations that lack effective Enterprise-Grade data and analytics, will suffer elevated costs and face difficulties in managing their data.


The Fusion Professionals’ data and analytics skill-set has been honed on large and complex data and analytics projects managing petabytes of data, over entire enterprises, within short time-frames.


If you need it done once, properly, then trust it with us.

Who We Are

Fusion Professionals is a leader in the delivery world class enterprise data solutions.


We partner closely with our enterprise client’s to best understand their challenges, so that we can determine, drive and deliver the best technology solutions.


Our multi-decade enterprise experience with large, complex, time-critical and high-risk technology projects coupled with our well-refined methods, processes and frameworks have ensured we provide exceptional solutions and services to our clients now and into the future.

Who We Help


Support innovation and help drive business growth through smart technology solutions. This may mean new ways of working for your increasingly mobile workforce, new revenue streams for your evolving business and/or an enhanced customer experience for your increasingly technology-savvy clients. Navigating your enterprise through its digital transformation is a complex task.


Keep the enterprise technology environment operating smoothly – optimising uptime, delivering on Service Level Agreements and minimising the inherent business risk involved when coordinating many moving parts. Balancing the varied needs of various departments while catering for new and legacy systems are also part of the challenge.


Deliver complex IT projects and associated change programmes in the enterprise space. This may include new systems, technology platforms and applications – and the critical business processes that both support and rely on these technology solutions. The unrelenting pace of change and the intricacies of the tech environment are both part of your day-to-day.

Why Us?

Fusion Professionals exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.


We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.