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We are a specialist Information Technology team focused on helping Australia’s enterprise companies leverage the power of technology to transform their business operations – offer new tools, new services and new revenue streams while enhancing collaboration, minimising risk and reducing the time to market.

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Leading IT Innovation and New Technology

Are you an IT leader in your business? Perhaps a CIO or CTO? Click here to find out a little more about how Fusion Professionals can help you.

Managing day-to-day IT services

Are you responsible for the day-to-day operation of the IT infrastructure and systems within your company? Click here to see how we can help you.

IT Project Success

Are you in charge of complex IT projects or programmes in your enterprise? Fusion Professionals can provide your team with highly specialised IT resources.

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Large Australian Airline with over 30,000 employees and more than 6000 daily flights. OBJECTIVES In the Airline industry booking data…


It’s been a while since Oracle held a business event in Sydney but the recent Oracle Modern Business Experience (MBX)…


The Client is a Government electricity distributor, providing the safe and reliable supply of electricity to 2.4 million people in…


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Don’t ignore the critical platform layer – and its potential contribution to system downtime Cloud technology is fuelling change in…


The 2017 Sydney AWS Summit impressed on many levels.  Not only was the event seamless and well-tuned but the content…


The Client is an Australian freight logistics company, operating in railway freight and shipping.  The company embarked on a major…


Who hasn’t clicked on a web page and received an error message? The consequences range from mildly annoying (can’t get…


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  • Our industry breakfast presentation on optimising your platform and leveraging Big Data to drive business insights. https://t.co/ni6SSGKkiX

Companies We’ve Worked With


Peter Stylianou – Director

Over the last 2 years Fusion Professionals have been integral in the success of enabling my business to be 100% cloud enabled. Fusion Professionals and their expertise in Solution Architecture have allowed my business to grow and adopt the latest technologies available. Hosting solutions of non-production, production and DR environments with secure encryption has benefited my business and my client’s expectations.

Gordon Macmillan – GM, IT Infrastructure & Service Management

“Over the last 4 years Fusion Professionals have done a great job supporting the evolution of our database environment. Their expertise and professionalism in the Exadata implementation and database migration project has made it a great success”.

David Goldberg – Chief Architect

“I have worked with [Fusion Professionals] on a number of projects including Oracle eBusiness and related technology. [They have] always made a significant contribuition to our projects through [their] technical, architecture knowledge & experience, as well as [their] consulting experience”.

Geoff Neve – Technical Director

“As senior technical architects [Fusion Professionals] have been instrumental in the success of many of the technology changes of our program. [They] took a lead role in all design aspects of the solution including: Infrastructure design, Capacity, Availability, DR, security and environment strategies and are seen as the ‘go-to’ guys for technical issues relating to solution design”.