Fusion Professionals - Company Overview

Fusion Professionals is an IT Professional Services company based in Sydney. Our core focus is on Oracle Engineered Systems, Fusion Architecture, Technology and Applications. Our consultants provide advice, guidance and technical leadership so that our clients are enabled and empowered to meet their IT challenges. We believe in partnering with our clients every step of the way: from planning; to architecture and design; to implementation and operation – ensuring consistency of vision throughout the solution lifecycle. Please contact us for more information.

Why a new IT Professional Services company?

There are already a large number of companies providing IT Professional Services based on Oracle technology: from the ‘Big 5’ consulting companies, to large offshore consulting companies and small specialised boutique consultancy firms. Most of these companies focus on services that are slowly becoming commodities such as applications implementation or DBA services.

With the arrival of the next generation of Oracle Fusion Architecture, Technology and Applications, with growing trends such as outsourcing and commodity hardware, and with corporate focus on security and regulatory requirements, the importance of IT strategy and architecture continues to grow.

Fusion Professionals is a new company that focuses on the strategy, architecture and solution assurance services that can add significant business value to organisations using solutions based on Oracle technology. Our consultants provide innovative ways to reduce the complexity and cost of implementation via solutions like ‘Service Pillars’ that enable you to deliver reliable and cost effective solutions to our clients business through service reuse and standardisation..

Why Fusion Professionals?

Fusion Professionals is a professional services organisation that can make the difference. Our team of experienced and highly motivated IT professionals is focused on delivering value to our clients

We believe that three essential elements: Knowledge, Context and Ownership are required to deliver value from professional services. All three elements are required and if one of them is missing or is weak, results will suffer.

Each Fusion Professionals consultant has this unique combination of the three essential elements required to deliver value to clients:

KnowledgeWe know Oracle products and solutions inside-out. Our consultants are established experts in the field, with years of experience.

ContextWe are passionate about understanding the client’s unique context, values, requirements, and constraints.

OwnershipWe take ownership and responsibility for solutions, issues and results with maximum commitment.

Fusing Technology and Business

Fusion Professionals enables clients to maximize business value from their IT investment by providing key services and the leadership required to implement more flexible, next generation solutions based on Oracle Fusion Architecture, Technology and Applications. The two principals of Fusion Professionals have over 30 years of combined experience, and are leaders in their field, and it is that experience that differentiates Fusion Professionals and provides a compelling value proposition to clients.

Please contact us for more information.